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About Sammy&Mim

I grew up with pets around the house – we had two German shepherds and a Turkish Angora cat, and as far back as I can remember, I always had a deep connection with pets. So, when I moved out to attend university, I felt immense apprehension at being away from them. My only solace was the knowledge that they were being taken care of, by my family. After university as I settled into work, I decided to get another companion and that’s when I had Sammy, my lovely dachshund cross girl – and she has been my best friend for the last 9 years.

From my personal experiences, I completely empathize with the struggles of pet owners who want to do the absolute best for their companions but are always constricted by busy schedules. Our pets, always need our complete focus – be it in finding the best vet to cater specifically to their health, the best groomers for their appearances or even daily activities like exercise, mental engagement regimen etc. and we are rarely able to offer this in a continuous and sustainable manner. This is exactly why I chose to become a dog walker – because I love spending time with dogs and I want to offer the same mental comfort to pet owners whether they are at work or away, that I felt all the years I was at university – knowing full well that my companions were being taken care of in the best manner possible.

For me, this is not an occupation, it is my passion. I have always been enthralled by the behaviour of each individual dog and how different they could be when communicating the same impulses of happiness, sadness or affection. I have done various courses in canine psychology and behavioural analysis as well as functional training modules like how to stop dog attacks, walking on lead etc. and, during our walks, I would gladly help your companions to develop their communication skills, improve their social characteristics and work on eliminating any unwanted traits in their behaviour. 

I have been looking after quite a few dogs in the Notting Hill, Bayswater and Gloucester Road area since 2016 as well as taking care of some cats and bunnies. For me this never feels like a “job” or “work”. Looking after your four-legged furry friend never feels like a chore.  Nothing makes me more excited than meeting a pet and connecting with them – and the feeling when they communicate with you as an individual can only be described as pure joy! 

I hope you decide to choose the best for your pets (me 😊) and we go start this wonderful journey together. 

(P.S: Please don’t tell Sammy, she might get jealous 😃)

About Sammy&Mim

Hi friends. My name is Sammy and I’m a 9 year old dachshund cross.

To be honest, when mum started walking dogs, I wasn’t very happy about it because I did not want to share her time with anyone else, let alone going out and playing fun games with other dogs?! But then she started bringing them home for sleepovers and I made so many new friends. I am very happy in sharing my toys and even my treats with them now (only if they don’t have any food allergies!) and me and mum will also play with them a lot, unless they want to take a nap – which is fine too. I always make sure they are happy and comfortable when they visit!

When I was a tiny puppy, I used to live with my dachshund mama and all my brothers and sisters. But then Mum came looking for a new place to rent and saw me. She immediately fell in love with me (and why wouldn’t she?!) and, although, she didn’t rent that place, she did take me home with her.

As a responsible new Dog mum, the first thing she did was to take me to the vet for a check up. I didn’t really like it there, to be hones, but they did give me some treats so, I guess, they were fine… Anyway, the vet did confirm I am a healthy pup but he also laughed and said I am not, in fact, a dachshund. I could tell by the look on Mum’s face, she did not expect to hear that second part, but as I mentioned before, it was already too late as she was already in love. The most important thing for her was that I am a happy, healthy little pup!

And this, my friends, is how I found my forever home with my Forever Mum About Sammy&Mim

P.S.: For puppy and other photos of me click here.