dog walking

All walks are organized in groups of max 4 dogs. Each walk is usually 90 minutes long but could sometimes run a bit longer. The entire walk is on foot so no stressful car rides or crates and the idea is offer your pet the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, breathe the fresh air, “mark” their territory and possibly even sniff around for “intruders”!

Services Sammy&Mim
Services Sammy&Mim

Dog boarding

We take a long walk in the morning and one in the afternoon with a few rounds around the block during the day. For the rest of the day, we offer the finest quality of dog beds, pillows and sofas to choose from; to allow them the rest and relaxation that they deserve. Pick up from your residence is in the afternoon and drop off in the morning.

Pet sitting

Personalized session up to 30-45 minutes during the day (morning or afternoon according to your desire). Each session includes feeding, fresh water, litter cleaning and planned activities (or just head scratches if your cat just wants to relax !). Medications could be administered if required.

Services Sammy&Mim
Services Sammy&Mim

Meeting and greeting

I will come over to your place to introduce myself, meet you and your dog in their comfort zone to work out how best we can cater to your furry friend.


Notting Hill, Bayswater, Paddington and Gloucester Road area.

The entire walk in on foot so no stressful car rides or crates.

We provide balls, treats, poo bags and spare leads. The only things you need to provide is a short lead and your pooch Services Sammy&Mim

Yes. To insure your pet’s safety we do need to know if they have any medical conditions, allergies or are taking medication.

Do not worry, we will always make sure dogs are getting along and enjoying each other’s company. You will also receive weekly photos and videos from our walks.

Fully insured and bonded by Pet Business Insurance. Please visit the site for more information on what our policy covers.